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10-10-80 Rule of Investing

Ever heard of it? Maybe you have if you have a Christian background. If not, I will tell you about it. I am a Christian. As a Christian, I believe that God owns it all, and we have things to use here by His will. When we die, it is all not ours anymore. But on to what the 10-10-80 plan is. Simply it is this. Give God 10% of all your earnings ( yes , before taxes). Give yourself 10% as a savings/investing thing, and live on the the rest of it. If you are not doing this now, you might be thinking it is not possible, or not for you in your situation, but if you are a Christian, I believe God is very clear about the first 10%. I know there are various opinions about that, and I won’t debate that today, but maybe some other time.

Belief and behavior sometimes go in reverse order. Sometimes you have to start acting like you believe and then the real belief follows. Behavior is far more powerful than good intentions.

Dr. John Harnish gave a sermon back in 2003 titled “10-10-80: Behaving Toward Believing”.

In it, he states that “It’s easier to behave your way into a new way of thinking than it is to think your way into a new way of behaving.”

I think that is so true. Just like the diet I am on, and my goal to lose 10 pounds by March 31. If I only think about losing the weight, it will never happen. If I willfully change my behavior by eating less and keeping tabs on my food amounts, it happens. (By the way, I am doing it. I have lost about 6 pounds already.)

So, how would one start this way of living and investing money? By doing. Make some moves. Start right where you are. If you are doing nothing, then start doing something, even if it is 1%. Setup a automatic withdrawal from you bank for some amount, say 1-5% to start, and have that go into the God fund. Set this up in a different account, and don’t touch it. You will find that you can do it, if you want to. Withdraw it every month and give it to God with a big smile. :)

Set up another automatic payment to go to your savings. Again start where you are and make it at least equal to the God fund. You will see how over time you will adjust to living without this money.

An even better plan would be to do a basic 10-15-75 plan, where 15% is invested in your retirement/savings plan. I can’t disagree with that either and I hope to make it to that very soon.

My final point with this. Your personal finance and your life are inseparably intertwined. How and what you believe should influence your investing and your spending habits. If you have gotten out of control on your finances, take action now. This is a plan that can help you get started.

Do you have any comments about this 10-10-80 rule? Do you do it? Leave a comment here.


6 comments to 10-10-80 Rule of Investing

  • Yes you are right. We must not forget that all what we have is from God

  • [...] you have read much here at my site, you know I am a Christian and I believe in the 10-10-80 rule of investing.  Simply put, it means you give 10% to God first, then 10% to savings (investing, retirement, [...]

  • Kay

    I just started this rule except I save more than 10% in my savings which is more than good! I have heard various teachings on the importance of giving, and I cannot believe this is my second time doing it. It takes the step like you said of just really doing it. I had to and I still have to get my mind right…that yes…I am building up the kingdom of God with my tithes, but I just don’t want to give just to look for a blessing. Yes I want to be blessed in my giving and I will be; but, I don’t want to focus on that more than the actual giving to help somebody else.

  • curious

    How do you give money to God? It is impossible. You can give money to those less fortunate and expect nothing in return expect an intent to improve someone else’s life.

    However, it is important to recognize that the giver needs to take some responsibility to make sure their gift is not wasted. Giving to a church does not necessarily mean it is a good gift. How is the money being spent? It is being spent on a new church or new furnishings (which is inherently a selfish act to make the giver feel better) or is it actually going to feed / clothes / educate those less fortunate?

  • Mack

    Faith is necessary as a cornerstone of understanding God and understanding how you can “give money to God”. You are right if you are saying God owns it all anyway. But you may be missing the point that God allows us the freedom to work and strive and acquire things here on earth. He gives us the freedom to show Him that we love Him by having the faith to “give back a portion” of what we have made. True, we should use good judgment , but also it is a matter of faith. Can God direct your giving to where He wants it to go? Did He create the universe? I think He can handle it, but faith is first.

  • sia

    I read this and I felt blessed reading this.God bless you!

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