So it is Valentine’s Day, and you may think you should “buy” something for your sweetheart. (And maybe you should have). But maybe the best gift wouldn’t necessarily be something you paid a lot of money for?  From a man’s perspective, or at least , this man’s perspective, you can do this without spending a lot of money.

Again, this applies to both sexes but I want to speak from my own opinion so I am talking about a man’s side.  Women want to know they are loved and appreciated.  Sometimes they may get that feeling from some jewelry or flowers you buy for them, but more often they will feel loved when you “really” appreciate them. One such way is to really listen to them for a change.;)

So here are a few ideas if you are still not sure what you are doing.  You can always do something on the day after Valentine’s Day.  It still counts.

1. Take care of the kids and give her a night to herself.

2. Take one chore that she usually does and tell her you will do it for a week.

3. Cook dinner.

4. Clean up after dinner.

5. Wash and clean her car, inside and out!

6. Offer to paint a room that she has been wanting done.

7. Offer to fix that nagging problem part of the house, ( and really fix it this time).

8.  If the house allows, (no kids to worry with), get a bath ready and surprise her with all the above plus the bath, candles lit, etc.

9. Watch TV with her, watching what she wants for a change.

10. I can’t think of ten… ( I am a typical male , I guess).

You will save money doing any of these compared to buying that chocolate, that ring, that necklace, and you may find she actually appreciated it more.

Well, I gotta go and get some of these done..