I usually write about taxes and retirement and such, but the joy of paying taxes only comes if you have a good income.  I see so many young people today who are "uncertain" why they are going to college.  Here is a list of just a few good reasons to go to college.  Some people may also just need some reassurance that college is the right thing to do.

1.  All extra education you get after high school, improves the chances that you’ll earn good pay in your life.  As it happens, most college graduates earn a significantly higher amount of money than those who don’t go to college.  If you are not certain what career to pursue, just jump in to one and keep reading and thinking about what you want to do.

2.  Education beyond high school gives you a lot of other benefits. There is so much maturity that occurs when in college.  You may also meet lifelong friends and maybe even your spouse in college.  You will also have many more "new" opportunities to explore that you would not have if you did not attend. I am very proud of my degree from VA Tech.  I also have a lifelong kinship with those who  have graduated from VA Tech.

3.  Having a college degree will make it much more likely that you will always have a job.  There are some studies that that say by 2028 there will be 19 million more jobs than there are educated people to take them.

4.  Education after high school is more important for this generation than any before.  Technological advances have caused many jobs to require a college diploma.  Most businesses want to hire someone with a proven history of solving problems.  You learn how to solve problems in college.

I hope if you needed encouragement , you got some.

College is not the key to happiness, by any means.  College is a key, though.  It is likely a way to equip yourself for some success.  It gives you a good start.  Learning must be a lifelong thing, though. 

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