Philips Digital Picture frames are the coolest and most functional gadget I have seen in a while.

If you explore my website, you’ll realize that I don’t do many “Product Reviews”. Other people do a good job at reviews, in general, and I usually don’t see the need. However, now and then, a product will jump out at me that I have to talk about. Philips digital picture frames are so cool. When I started looking into these frames a couple of years ago, they were just too expensive for me to consider. Recently, I decided that I would look again, because I thought it would be a neat gift for my aging mom, who lives a good distance away from me and doesn’t get to see her grandchildren often.. I thought if I could send her a memory card with the pictures on it, she could just plug it in to the digital picture frame and enjoy the photos. I could then send a new memory card periodically, so she always had new pictures to look at. It is working just like that. When she got her digital picture frame from me for mother’s day, she was very excited. I have since bought one for my father-in-law also.

So let me tell you about the Philips digital frame and why that is the one you should buy. There are many manufacturers of these frames now. Some even play MP3s. I don’t want my picture frame to play music. I wanted it to do one thing. Show me the pictures on the memory card and be very simple to operate. Philips digital frames met both those requirements. Why Philips? Because their screen resolution is about twice the competition. For example, the model I have in front of me is 7FF2FPA. There are many different sizes and models. This one is basically a 4 X 6 photo size. It looks awesome! The reason it looks so good is screen resolution. The resolution on this one is 720 x 480. If you look at some others, say the Coby DP- 758 , you will see that it is 480 X 240. It doesn’t take math major to understand that the resolution is about half. This is the same concept as “high definition” TV. The more information, in this case “pixels”, the better the picture looks.

Philips brand digital picture frames are the best I’ve seen and has probably the best info and selection. I do like because you can go there and get so much information on any particular item you may be interested in. Also, read the reviews on the Philips digital frames and you’ll find that most people are very happy with them.

With Father’s Day coming soon, it would make a great gift for a father! One reason we wanted to get this for my father-in-law, is that he takes a lot of digital photos, but doesn’t really know how to use the computer. Often, the photos just stay on the memory card, and no one gets to enjoy them. With this picture frame, he can just pop the memory card out of the camera, and put it in the frame. That’s it. The slideshow starts immediately! I love it!

Do you have a Philips digital picture frame? How do you like it? Have you used other brands? Leave a comment here and tell us all about it!

I am sure you know someone who would want this for a gift. Maybe even for you!