This article pertains to the stimulus of 2008.

You may be one of the millions who didn’t get a stimulus check and you are wondering why.  Here are some reasons that may apply to you.  First of all, this is just a gift of our tax money from your Government, and they have made some rules that must be met to get the gift.  The problem is, people who paid no taxes are getting this. Did you know that many people who paid no taxes got a check?  That should tell you it is a gift, not a rebate.

Okay, so why didn’t you get the check? Here are some of the reasons a family or single person would not get the money.

1.  If you were counted as a dependent on someone else’s taxes, you don’t get the money.  This applies to many people in the age group from 18-25.  Most college kids don’t get anything because of this.

2.  You made too much money in 2007.  See my post titled Tax Rebate Stimulus Details Explained. In a nutshell, if you make over 150,000 as a couple or 75,000 as an individual, you get less.  Then following a formula, it gets reduced 5% for each dollar over those amounts.

3.  Do you have a Social Security Number? If not, no money.  This is to prevent giving this to illegal aliens, I believe.

4.  Did you file a tax return for 2007?  If not, you may not get the money.  This especially applies to senior citizens who may have a Social Security income, but don’t make enough to have to file taxes. If that is the case, file a return this year.

5.  Maybe yours will come later?  If you met all the requirements, but filed on April 15th because you owed money, your stimulus will likely be much later.  The check mailing tables were only for those who fell in some strict rules. If you requested an extension, you won’t get the stimulus until the taxes are filed.

6. If you owe taxes from a previous year, the IRS is not going to give you money.  They will take your stimulus and use it to pay against your back taxes.  At least, that is the way I understand it.

7.  Do you owe other money to the Federal Government, such as defaulted student loans? If you do, the Government may keep this money and apply it to those loans and late fees.. Again, this is my understanding.

Now it’s your turn.  Can you shed some light on other reasons why people wouldn’t get the stimulus?  Leave a comment here.


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