It is time I did another review of a great product that I found and use.  I have 2 boys, (who have now grown to young men) and I have always been concerned about the porn and all the other bad stuff they could get into with an unfiltered connection to the internet.

I tried many stand alone products that I had to load onto their computers and nothing was very satisfactory. Finally, I have found something that works, and while it’s a little late for me, maybe you can get a lot of benefit from it.  I don’t know how long it will be FREE, but for now it is.

So take advantage of  They are free, and I don’t get paid to tell you about them,( just a disclaimer for the suspicious).  There is one key thing you need to know about this service and this is what makes them so good for me. This is a router based service. If you don’t know what a router is, you have some homework to do.  Most families these days will have a router, heck most everyone with an internet connection in the US probably has a router.  If you have more than one computer in your house, and especially if you have ‘wireless’ internet, you have a router.  The router takes all of the internet traffic and funnels the requests for webpages to your internet provider.  This is where Opendns does the magic.  They give you some numbers to insert into your router that cause all the internet traffic to go their site, where they filter it, then send it on. (I am intentionally trying to keep this simple, the numbers are Domain nameservers but you don’t need to worry about that.)

It happens very quick and seamlessly for you.  I was so impressed with the speed.  You won’t see any difference in your web surfing, it can actually be faster with their service.  You have to create a free account on their site, then you can decide the ‘amount’ of filtering you want.  You can choose to filter only a couple of types of sites, or you can really lock it down and aggressively filter.  It is up to you.

You must try this service if you are looking for a way to protect your children from the incredibly bad side of the internet.

It works so well, that is the word gets out on this, I suppose many of the current suppliers of software you have to pay for will be out of business. And why pay for something when these people are offering such a great free service?