From time to time, I want to stray from some of the weightier advice and guides to let you in on what I think is a good website that can save you some money.  I know some people will drive from gas station to gas station trying to find the cheapest gas, and admittedly, I have done it too.  There is a way to make this shopping easier. This website , called Gas Prices, does the trick and it is usually updated frequently.  All you have to do is enter your zip code and it will show you a map and flag the various prices for gas at each location.  This can save you time (and gas) if you are trying to find the cheapest gas in your area.  It’s also fun to just look at all the different prices in your area.  I think it’s amazing that there can be as much as $.15 difference within a couple of miles.  The website is an MSN site and has other interesting and relevant info as well, such as traffic reports, etc.  And no this is not a ‘paid’ endorsement, just passing along what I think is something worthwhile. Have fun saving money on Gas!

Edit: Wrote this in 2008, still works good!  Check it out for you neighborhood.

Do you know of a good site that does the same thing?  Add it here by leaving it in a comment.  That way we all benefit!