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A Brief Glimpse at a Book I am Writing – Chapter 1 Truth

Chapter 1 – Truth

Wow! I can’t believe my eyes. I have a son! That morning when Ben was born was one of the happiest days of my life. It was a feeling of pride that is hard to compare. You know the feeling I’m talking about, if you are a dad. It was as if I had just become Superman, and for a while as he grew, he thought I was Superman. What a feeling! He trusted me implicitly. He never challenged what I said, as to whether it was the truth or not. Oh yeah, he didn’t like what I said, sometimes, but he thought it was the truth. So why did he change? Why at 18, does he question my truths?

What is real truth? Is it what I tell him? Or is it something else? Real truth comes from God. What I tell him may be the truth, but it may be just what I think is the truth. Either way, dads, they will believe you for a while. That is your chance. Tell them good things, truthful things, things about God. When they are 3 years old, they will believe you! It is your responsibility to tell them. And how will you know the truth to tell them? Reading the Bible, going to church, seeking the truth yourself. This is the foundation of Fatherhood. What will you say? They are listening….

When my boys were young, they would ask me almost any question and expect me to answer them. You know the drill. “Daddy, why is the sky blue?” I’d say, because God made it that way. (If I didn’t know the answer, that was my answer). But it didn’t matter because the next question was always the same. “But why did he make it that way?” They have lots of questions. You are their hero because you always know the answer. What will you teach them? Will you teach them about Truth? God says if any man lacks wisdom, let him ask. If you lack wisdom, seek God first.

The Truth is nothing less than God’s Word, the Bible. All the truth you need to know is there. But do you know it? Do you study it? There is few things more important in life, when raising kids, (boys or girls) than knowing what God says about ‘this thing’ or ‘that thing’. We can know the heart of God by studying His word. Only by trying to understand God’s heart, can we ever hope to teach and grow these boys into real men. How else will you know what to say, when the situation demands your wisdom?

Teaching the truth, God’s truth, is an important foundation.

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