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What about me? Well, I am a 50 year old man from the Appalachian Mountains. I now live in Maryland, and have a beautiful wife and 2 great sons. This site is about making money and saving money. I will give useful info on how to save money in everyday life and how to make smart decisions with personal finance. I also cover some online money making deals and reviews, giving my personal experiences with each. I also create web portals for various product categories, bringing consumers and suppliers together.  This benefits both as I pull from the best prices for the products on the web, in one place.

Some of my recent portals are:

I am a Christian and proud of that. I hope any advice I would give or truth I would uncover would be from a Christian point of view.

I like computer/Internet stuff, gadgets, remote cameras, stuff like that. I have an Engineering degree from VA Tech. (Go Hokies!)vt_left_logo

I like to take digital pictures.  Mainly of my family.

I also have a few orchids that I take care of and grow.   Orchids  take their time growing and blooming.  It teaches me patience.  P4150003

I want to establish a huge website/blog of information and have a lot of traffic, but I want to be sure it’s “worth it” to come to my site. I am new, and don’t expect to be an immediate success, but I am here for the long term. I’ve got time, ( God willing )…. So Let’s roll !!

I believe in tithing ( which means giving 10% of my income to God) so as this site makes money by advertising ( people actually visiting advertisers from my site is the way that works), you can be assured that in a way you are causing charitable giving.  Just a thought for you while visiting.

Oh yeah, here is a picture of our dog, Rudy. He likes to read the comments , so please leave some!


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