You are not in control as a Medicaid patient.Learn How to protect your loved ones with Long Term Care Insurance filler items = free shipping

For all your Christmas shopping, you will likely be going to, at least to look around.  I don’t buy too much from there, but I occasionally sell some old books on there.  It is also a really good site to sell and buy used textbooks, ( but I will save that for another post).  Anyway, did you know that there is a secret that will help you avoid paying shipping?

If you go there at all, you know that shipping is free if you buy $25.00 worth.  Well, if you need a few things to help you over the $25.00 mark, search for “filler items” in the search bar.  That will take you to a ton of little cheap things that you can probably use anyway.

That way, you get shipping for free.  Cool huh?


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