Where to Find Cheap Gas

From time to time, I want to stray from some of the weightier advice and guides to let you in on what I think is a good website that can save you some money.  I know some people will drive […]

Roth IRA Facts for 2010

I have written many posts about Roth IRAs and all the advantages of having a Roth. I have not updated these posts as the Roth IRA facts haven’t changed that much in the last 2 years. I felt it was […]

A New Economic Stimulus 2008

That is what is being talked about by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Who knows? With all the stimulus packages we’ve seen lately and with the bailout on Wall Street, I think the politicians have lost their minds. They think they […]

10 Term Life Insurance Facts

You know you need insurance.  Well, maybe you don’t know it , but most of you do need it.  The problem comes when you start listening to your brother-in-law, whom we will call Earl, tell you about what type of […]

Philips Digital Picture Frame Review

Philips Digital Picture frames are the coolest and most functional gadget I have seen in a while. If you explore my website, you’ll realize that I don’t do many “Product Reviews”. Other people do a good job at reviews, in […]