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Blogging Contests – Easy to Enter, Win Some Cash!

image Big Bald Blog along with some co-sponsors have a new kind of blog contest.  They are giving away 100.00 /month to one lucky person, maybe it will be me?   If you want to earn some easy money this year then go over there and join the contest. If you want to increase your chances of winning, leave me a comment to this post.

If I win, I will randomly select one of the comments and share the dough with them 50/50! If you put a link to my blog on your site, I will enter you twice. You can’t beat that deal!  Now when I read the rules over there, I can’t decide they are giving away 100.00 one time each month to a new person, or 1200.00 to one person, 100.00 each month.. But whatever, I love to enter.  Thanks Guys!

Also, get on over to the co-sponsors sites and check them out.

1. Mixed Market Arts
3. Link Bait
4. Gorilla Sushi
5. CK Marketing
6. The Big Bald Blog
7. How 2 Blogger

Remember to leave me a comment to increase your chances of winning!

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