You are not in control as a Medicaid patient.Learn How to protect your loved ones with Long Term Care Insurance

This is the Place to Find that One of a Kind Gift

Just a quick promotion of the If Only company and their gifts.  This place can arrange gifts for that person that “just has everything”!! When I went to their website, I was floored by the things that money can buy. I mean, I don’t have that kind of money, but many of you [...]

Roth IRA Facts for 2010

I have written many posts about Roth IRAs and all the advantages of having a Roth. I have not updated these posts as the Roth IRA facts haven’t changed that much in the last 2 years. I felt it was time to talk about some of the changes for 2010 in the US [...]

Protect Your Child with Safe Internet Filtering

It is time I did another review of a great product that I found and use.  I have 2 boys, (who have now grown to young men) and I have always been concerned about the porn and all the other bad stuff they could get into with an unfiltered connection to the internet.

I tried many [...]

A New Economic Stimulus 2008

That is what is being talked about by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Who knows? With all the stimulus packages we’ve seen lately and with the bailout on Wall Street, I think the politicians have lost their minds. They think they can fix anything by throwing money at it. It is simply [...]

10 Term Life Insurance Facts

You know you need insurance.  Well, maybe you don’t know it , but most of you do need it.  The problem comes when you start listening to your brother-in-law, whom we will call Earl, tell you about what type of insurance to get.  It is really pretty simple.  Don’t listen to Earl! That is the [...]