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Alternative to Foreclosure, a Short Sale

Are you facing a foreclosure? Are you thinking that would be the best thing for you?  There are alternatives. 

Have you ever heard of a "short sale"?

This may be an alternative to a foreclosure.  A foreclosure will cause a lot of damage to your credit rating.  It can really affect your interest rates in the [...]

Seven Reasons Why You Did Not Get a Stimulus Check

This article pertains to the stimulus of 2008.

You may be one of the millions who didn’t get a stimulus check and you are wondering why.  Here are some reasons that may apply to you.  First of all, this is just a gift of our tax money from your Government, and they have made some rules [...]

Philips Digital Picture Frame Review

Philips Digital Picture frames are the coolest and most functional gadget I have seen in a while.

If you explore my website, you’ll realize that I don’t do many “Product Reviews”. Other people do a good job at reviews, in general, and I usually don’t see the need. However, now and then, a product will jump [...]

Tax Stimulus Dates Have Been Released

UPDATE – May 9 – My last 2 digits are 37,  and I just got the direct deposit today, May 9.

Everyone has been asking “when will I get my stimulus check?” Below is a table that the IRS put out recently, telling us when we can receive the Direct Deposit or check. The Tax Stimulus [...]

Why Go to College?

I usually write about taxes and retirement and such, but the joy of paying taxes only comes if you have a good income.  I see so many young people today who are "uncertain" why they are going to college.  Here is a list of just a few good reasons to go to college.  Some people [...]