You are not in control as a Medicaid patient.Learn How to protect your loved ones with Long Term Care Insurance – A place to buy good stuff locally

So have you been to  This site is perfect for so many of the things you might be looking for on Ebay.  Craigslist is a local classified website, where you first pick your local city, then look for most anything.  You can also sell things there, ofcourse.  Best of all, you will save a ton of money over ebay because it is free.  I was recently trying to sell some odds and ends from the basement on craigslist, and a potential buyer came by.  She wasn’t interested in what I had, but noticed I was selling my old Jeep that was parked on the street.  She said she just found one on and wondered why she had not seem mine.  Well, I had not thought of advertising it there, that’s why.  I immediately came in and listed it on craisglist (for free).  I sold it the next day.

Simply a great resource if you want to save money.

 Ok. So that is the great tip today.  Once you go to craigslist, you will see that it is very plain, mainly text links. I will show you a way to navigate it so that you can see the pictures of the items for sale, graphically. Come back tomorrow for that link.

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