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Sam’s Club or BJ Wholesale?

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Does it really save money to shop at these places? This question has always been on my mind.  I know there is no definitive answer, and since I am an engineer ( Virginia Tech, Go Hokies), I like to find definitive answers when I can.  I have decided it may not be worth the time it would take to figure this one out.  I have come to the following conclusions, at least for our family.

  1. There are better deals consistently on some things at these wholesale clubs. We found that we love the Costa Rican Coffee at BJ Wholesale ( by the way, starbucks_cupI think this chain is only on east coast, USA).  We used to buy Starbucks beans  exclusively, but I tell you the Costa Rican beans at BJs are great and less than half the cost.  In fact, we saved so much per month when we found this, we sponsored another child through Compassion International, I kid you not!
  2. The money back guarantees at Sam’s Club are unbeatable.  I know some people abuse the guarantee, I don’t.  In fact , I have never taken anything back, but just knowing that I can take back my 50 inch plasma if it breaks gives peace of mind. Check out their return policy.
  3. Buying some things in bulk saves us a lot of time when making dinners for a family.   We have always been a family that believed in eating dinner together as much as possible. Now going out to dinner, or picking up carryout is not what I mean. Also , we decided long ago that we would rather spend our money on other things than the carryout routine.  So making dinner after a long day at work is tricky.  My wife always found a way to do it though, and the bulk chicken in the freezer helped a bunch. (She is a great wife).

So I would say we save money and time at these clubs.  I have given up analyzing it further though.  It has been a long time since I took any engineering courses anyway.

What do you think?  Do you use these wholesale clubs? Any good tips on how to use them more effectively?  Leave me a comment.

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