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Donate Used Car

I am doing a few posts now on selling a used car, just to wrap up the whole buying a used car series.  It seems like to be complete, selling a used car is also something that we need to do.  My philosophy in life concerning buying ‘things’ is we need to sell something to buy something.  I titled this post. “donate your used car”, because you could always just do that to get rid of it.  But , you may want to sell it yourself.  I have never donated a used car.  I do believe in charity though, it’s just, I usually use the money from the old car to help pay for the new car. :) In fact, if you really wanted to be charitable with your used car, you could sell it on your own and give the money to charity.  You will make a lot more on the car than the charity would, as they will only take it to an auction house.

Selling a car takes the same steps as buying a used, just the opposite side of the table, so to speak.  The first step is the to decide how much your old used up car is worth.  Again, as in step one of selling a car, you need to research it on the same sites. Be realistic when you determine it’s ‘condition’.  Once you get a price that you think you’d be comfortable selling it for, add some “negotiation ” room.  Remember the most recent post on negotiation. You will need to have some room to give in the process. Let’s say you decide you want 5000 dollars for it.  Then maybe set the price at 6000, and say ‘make offer’ in the ad.  That way the potential buyer already knows they will be bargaining for this car and that you are willing to sell it for less.  This encourages the buyer to look at your car even though the price is out of the range they are willing to spend.  It’s all about getting the potential buyer to get interested in what you are selling.

Before you begin the selling process, you need to thoroughly clean the car, inside and out. Get all the french fries from between the seats, and all the other nasty food bits that are ‘hidden’.  You can also get a spray at your local auto parts place called “new car” scent.  I really like this because it does a good job smelling like a new car.  I don’t know how they do it, but it works.

Use some Armorall, or something similar on the plastic inside.  A really clean car brings so much more than a dirty one, and will sell quickly as well.

Next post in this series will explain advertising the car and making the sell.

Any questions or comments?  I’d love to hear from you.


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