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Used Car Buying Guide – Seven Steps

clip_image002So we are going to buy a used car? What to do first? A list is always a good starting point. A plan, that’s what we need. Below are the main areas I will discuss in the following few weeks. I plan to cover all these topics over a 2-3 week time frame. I will have other posts in between, as I have some reviews to do and other promotions and things that have to happen as well. This will give us a good outline for the used car buying series.

· Step one.

What are your needs? Why is this car needed? This question needs to be answered before you can start looking for used car.

· Step two.

How much money do we have for this? This should be a range, from 0 to XXXX dollars.

· Step three.

Where to look. This will consist of a few websites, the local classified, friends, etc. There are many places to get a used car that you may not have considered.

· Step four.

Research potential vehicle. Is this car a good value or is it a lemon? Is it sound mechanically?

· Step five.

Negotiation. Never pay the asking price! I will go through some very simple negotiation techniques that will save you money.

· Step six.

Registration, titling, inspections. These will vary from state to state, but I will give you an idea of what to expect.

· Step seven.

Ownership. This can be a honeymoon or a nightmare. I will review some key maintenance needs to keep your new found bargain running like new.

Seven steps to buying a good, used car.

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