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Used Car Buying Guide Tips

PICT0014I am going to be doing a series in the new year about How to Buy a Used Car. I will cover everything from researching it online, local places to look, negotiating, and more.

I won’t be covering how to borrow the money!  ;)

My opinion is you should almost never buy a car on credit. I say ‘almost’ because there may be a time where it makes sense, but I don’t know when that is.  Cars lose value faster than anything you could buy.  I have bought many, many used cars, ( and sold a few too ) so I know some things to help you make a good deal.  Be sure to sign up to my feed  ( in the upper left corner), so you won’t miss this series.

If you have any specific areas of the process that you would like to ask about, let me know now and I will be sure to answer those questions.

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