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Is Homeowners Insurance Tax Deductible

This is a question that is coming up frequently these days, due to the new deductions regarding Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). The quick answer is NO, your homeowners insurance is usually not deductible. Be careful not to make that mistake when filling out your taxes this year. Be sure to take the PMI deduction, though, if you are qualified. See my post on that topic – New Tax Deduction For PMI.

There are some cases where your homeowners insurance may be deductible on your income taxes. These cases would be for either a rental property or using part of your home for business. Each of these cases would involve forms related to a Schedule C tax form. If you are a typical homeowner, not operating a business out of your home, then very likely your homeowners insurance premiums are not tax deductible. Sorry.

As with all my financial or tax advice, I am not advising as a professional and I give no professional legal or tax advice. If you need professional advice, please get that from a CPA or attorney.

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1 comment to Is Homeowners Insurance Tax Deductible

  • Marguerite Rhatigan

    Dear Mack,
    Thank you for the straight forward answer to the question if homeowners ins. is tax deductable.
    I’m having a disagreement with a friend of mine who filed his taxes online and he said there was a line that asked for the amount of his homeowners ins. to be deducted.
    My question is why if it’s on an online form, I don’t see it on my itemized deduction schedule A form. He said it went under his itemized deduction section. I hope he’s not mistaking mortgage ins. for homeowners.
    Any help on this would be appreciated.

    Marguerite Rhatigan

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