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Live Streaming Video

This is just a segue from my normal theme, but I want to be sure you all know about my outside camera.

(In journalism, a segue is a method of smoothly transitioning from one topic to another.)   So maybe this isn’t a segue.. hmm.. ;)

Anyway, it is integrated into the blog in it’s own page. One of my hobbies involves webcams, streaming video, live video over the internet, and such.  This camera is an old video-conference camera made by Polycom. You can zoom, pan, and tilt right from the page.  Look around my backyard, on the deck, see the squirrels in the trees. The camera is usually  pointed at the bird feeders.  Right now the focus and video signal are not optimum, but I will be making things better this spring.  There may be times that it is not working, as it runs on a different computer and sometimes crashes.

Map image

  The location is approximately here.

Anyway, I wanted to be sure you didn’t miss that feature of my site.  Come back and hang around, play with the camera, read my posts and comment to them, ask me questions, whatever.  If it has to do with personal , practical, finance topics, I probably have an opinion about it. 

Thanks for coming by!

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