Why Go to College?

I usually write about taxes and retirement and such, but the joy of paying taxes only comes if you have a good income.  I see so many young people today who are "uncertain" why they are going to college.  Here […]

Free Used Car Buying Ebook

In case you didn’t see the link at the top, I am giving away my Used Car Buying E-book. This is totally free. No gimmicks, nothing to sign up for, nothing to do but download this free book. I wrote […]

Live Streaming Camera

I did a post a while back on my Live Streaming Camera that I have located outside my house and I thought it was time to update that a bit.  I think I have one of the better PTZ webcams […]

Is Homeowners Insurance Tax Deductible

This is a question that is coming up frequently these days, due to the new deductions regarding Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). The quick answer is NO, your homeowners insurance is usually not deductible. Be careful not to make that mistake […]