New Tax Deduction for PMI

Get Turbo Tax at You can get much cheaper than at the store! If you have purchased a home in 2007, you may qualify for a new tax deduction. Many borrowers are required to purchase private mortgage insurance, or […]

Should I Refinance?

That is a question that comes around most anytime. It is a very predictable question, and an important question to your personal finance. If you have a mortgage and interest rates are falling, should you refinance? How about when interest […]

Average Car Payment is $384

Is that true?  That is what I think I heard Dave Ramsey say on his show today. Three hundred and eighty-four dollars!  Wow.  I know some of you are not average, maybe you are even ABOVE average. (EDIT. March 10, […]

16 Roth IRA Facts

Important Facts About the Roth IRA 1. Contributions are made only on a non-deductible basis – the tax benefit is realized when funds are withdrawn because you pay no taxes on earnings. Great news! 2. Contribution limits are adjusted annually […]

Not Too Late for Roth IRA

Did you know that you can contribute toward a Roth IRA for the year 2007 all the way up to April 15, 2008? It is pretty nice for all us procrastinators! 🙂 It means you can still decide to do […]

How To Make A Million Dollars

Surprisingly, the US Government is going to help many Americans make a million dollars, if they want to. Do you want to? The new economic stimulus package being worked out in our government will mean that most American citizens will […]

Sell Your Used Car or Vehicle

Okay.  Continuing this thread on selling a used car, I almost forgot a key point. We have cleaned it and decided how much it’s worth in the first post on this.  This post is about advertising it right.  Photos are […]