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Okay.  I think I am pretty well rounded and I have been on the Internet since before Al Gore invented it, so I know my way around.  When I found PayPerPost, I was mildly excited. Doing reviews for companies online, helps to drive traffic to those sites. 

  My blog is about saving money and making money, ( both online and off), so I want to make money online.  I am committed to trying some of these sites such as PayPerPost and see if they deliver what they say.  My first review was of a medical procedure known as the Lap Band.  As it happens, I do know a bit about that and it was easy to write about the company who needed the review. I was eager to see how difficult it would be to actually get the post approved.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was pretty easy.  I think it took 2 days to get approved.  I also like the fact that you can pick which reviews to do, based on what you are qualified to do, so you don’t have to write about something you know nothing about.  Also, I will not just pick any of the sponsors to review.  I have to know something about the subject, the product,  or service ( it must at least not be something I would object to morally).  All in all, I am very satisfied to date with PayPerPost.  I intend to do a few reviews as time permits.

Have you done reviews for PayPerPost?

Leave me a comment about your experience.

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