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Review of – A Place to Get Batteries

image  Do you use rechargeable batteries?  As you know by now, I like to save money, and rechargeable batteries is a way to that.  I have digital cameras, flashlights, xbox360 controllers, well, just a ton of things that need AA batteries.   This company called Allbatts looks like a good source for batteries.  They have batteries of all types, from laptop batteries and cellphones, to the big batteries that go into a UPS.

image The website is very easy to navigate and has some useful information on it concerning how to get the most life out of rechargeable batteries.  To quote their site, aims to not only provide you with the best prices and selection of batteries, but we also seek to answer any questions that you might have regarding the care of your batteries, or any issues you have. Visit our Battery Care Center for articles and tips that will help you get the most life and value out of the quality batteries you have purchased at!

The next time I need batteries , I need to buy them from Allbatts.

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