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Sell Your Used Car or Vehicle

Okay.  Continuing this thread on selling a used car, I almost forgot a key point. We have cleaned it and decided how much it’s worth in the first post on this.  This post is about advertising it right.  Photos are key.  You really need some good photos with a fairly good digital camera.  The photos need to be very clear, brightly lit, and numerous.  You need about 12 good photos of the car.  Try to get it from all angles and preferably on a sunny day. Be sure it’s washed and shined as best you can.  Photos will draw you more potential buyers. Be sure to use them.

PICT0007 Where to advertise?  That depends on how fast you want to sell it and whether you want to spend money or do it for free. A free place that brings good results is  Be sure to see my post about how to use craigslist in a new way.  Be sure you put those pictures on there.  Other places that will cost you are and  Actually the same places we talked about in finding a used car to buy, are the ones to look into. Autotrader has been a good site in the past and has different plans for selling depending on how much you want to pay. Some people have good success with Ebay, but I have never used Ebay for cars. When you do advertise, be sure to list a phone number (because most people want to call you), but also list an email address.  Better yet, if you have access to a website make your own ‘sales page” and then put that address in the ad.  This way, you can show many photos, even a video , if you are really energetic.  This works great with local classified ads that cost a lot, but get a lot of exposure.

Have fun with it and remember that you may have to show the car a few times to get it sold.  Don’t expect that the first person that comes to see it, will buy it.  It could happen though!

I’ll wrap this up next time.  Leave me a comment.  What did I miss so far?  Your good ideas would make this post better.  Please share them with us!


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