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WordPress Upgrade Made Easy

I am not as experienced as many in using WordPress, but I have seen 2 critical upgrades in the last month or so. It just seems to be a pain to do the upgrade so I found an easier way for the last one. I am not sure if this is the [...]

Review of – A Place to Get Batteries

  Do you use rechargeable batteries?  As you know by now, I like to save money, and rechargeable batteries is a way to that.  I have digital cameras, flashlights, xbox360 controllers, well, just a ton of things that need AA batteries.   This company called Allbatts looks like a good source for batteries.  They have batteries [...]

Used Car Buying Guide – Step Three

In Step One, we talked about what the need is, why we need the car, and narrowed down the type of car we are looking for.

In Step Two, we decided how much we can afford to pay for this car.

Now we need to find a car that fits our need and is within the price [...]

A Brief Glimpse at a Book I am Writing – Chapter 1 Truth

Chapter 1 – Truth

Wow! I can’t believe my eyes. I have a son! That morning when Ben was born was one of the happiest days of my life. It was a feeling of pride that is hard to compare. You know the feeling I’m talking about, if you are a dad. It was as [...]