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Used Car Buying Guide – Step Seven

And the last step is maintenance.  This isn’t really a part of buying a used car, but I think this seven step guide wouldn’t be complete without it. ( Plus it would be a six step guide, and I said this was a seven step guide.) 

Routine maintenance is not that hard to do.  [...]

Used Car Buying Guide – Step Three

In Step One, we talked about what the need is, why we need the car, and narrowed down the type of car we are looking for.

In Step Two, we decided how much we can afford to pay for this car.

Now we need to find a car that fits our need and is within the price [...]

Used Car Buying Guide – Seven Steps

So we are going to buy a used car? What to do first? A list is always a good starting point. A plan, that’s what we need. Below are the main areas I will discuss in the following few weeks. I plan to cover all these topics over a 2-3 week time frame. I will [...]