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Tax Stimulus Dates Have Been Released

UPDATE – May 9 – My last 2 digits are 37,  and I just got the direct deposit today, May 9.

Everyone has been asking “when will I get my stimulus check?” Below is a table that the IRS put out recently, telling us when we can receive the Direct Deposit or check. The Tax Stimulus Dates are now announced.

  • Breaking news April 25

    Stimulus payments starting early

      Treasury Department says it will deposit the first 800,000 payments four days earlier than expected in effort to boost economy. I cannot find a change to the schedule published on the IRS site though.

    Below are the schedules for the stimulus payments related to tax returns processed by April 15, 2008.
    If you want the whole stimulus explained in simple terms, read my post here called, “Tax Rebate Stimulus Details Explained“.

    Read the Bible for some real peace.

    1 John 5:4

    for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. New International Version (NIV)

    Stimulus Payment Schedule for Tax Returns
    Received and Processed by April 15

    Direct Deposit Payments
    If the last two digits of your Social Security number are: Your economic stimulus payment deposit should be sent to your bank account by:
    00 – 20 May 2

    21 – 75

    May 9

    76 – 99

    May 16

    Paper Check

    If the last two digits of your Social Security number are: Your check should be in the mail by:

    00 – 09

    May 16

    10 – 18

    May 23

    19 – 25

    May 30

    26 – 38

    June 6

    39 – 51

    June 13

    52 – 63

    June 20

    64 – 75

    June 27

    76 – 87

    July 4

    88 – 99

    July 11

    Here is a link the the Tax Stimulus dates and info from the IRS site.

    The question is, what are you going to do with this money? The Government is betting that you will just go out and spend it. Will you? To stimulate the economy, this money needs to be spent right away on goods and services.

    I do realize that some who get the money, will have to use it to pay for food and shelter. I don’t want to seem uncaring in that regard. Food and shelter have to come first in any family budget. ( Thanks to a couple of comment’s below, to remind me of this.) I have ate my share of beans and cornbread. Actually , I grew to like it as it was a routine food down on the farm.

    I will be putting this money toward a loan I took out to help pay for one of my son’s college tuition. That is not going to help the Government achieve their goals. Sorry Uncle Sam. ;) You can use this money to start that Roth IRA. See my post on 16 Roth IRA Facts and see all the reasons why you have to get that going.


  • 14 comments to Tax Stimulus Dates Have Been Released

    • What can you do! We have to use the money for basic living expenses! After being laid off, my wife supports the family now. And Bush’s Oil buddies become richer over charging us for gas and getting tax cuts when they show higher record proffits every year 123.3 Billion dollars in 2007! Stop the bleed keep the rebate check and make big oil keep gas prices down. That would be more than a small stimulus rebate. Have to love the magician in Bush. He gives you money with one had while his big oil friends pick your wallet.

    • sarah

      we are going to use the rebate for basic living expences i lost my job and my husband is on disability we are living with my inlaws with 3 small children. what else can we do gas here is almost 4 dollars a gallon and 3 growing kids what else can we do oil companies are getting richer and the american people are getting poorer

    • Ron

      by thye time we get it gas will be so high that we wont be able to drive to the bank to cash it

    • Joey

      Daang people…if you hate living in American so much…why don’t you peepz leave….this is my country and I’m proud to be here! Go to Afghanistan or Somalia! There are people who are starving elsewhere and you people are complaining…heck I’m starving sometimes…but that’s when I work for my food and life…stop blaming others for your poorness…go and get a job…I work 3 jobs, and know that I have to support my family…but I am just happy to be an American and to have the freedoms we have. I know what it is like to live in the projects…but I tried myself to educate my bros. and sisters to live better lives…since we live in
      America, we have the options of being as wealthy or as poor as we want to be. I know there are exceptions for people with disabilities, but for the most part it is up to ourselves to make the best of our lives. Try to provide shelter for those in need…that is the American spirit!!

    • Misty

      I agree with Joey for the most part we all make our own decisions and as a result of if is the way our life is lived. I myself am a single mom of two kids and i make it just fine with no help from anyone.. I will be using my money to better my life and put it towards a new house.. If you don’t like something change it we do live in a free country and we have the choice to change our lives..Some people are just to lazy to do it..

    • Olivia

      My last 2 digits are 66, which means I was supposed to get mine May 9th as well. But, nothing is in there.

    • Yea, mine are 70, and still no cash . . . What’s the deal there? I’m using mine to fix up my car. (New suspension and tires) I need to get to and from work, after all. If there’s any left over after that, it’ll go toward the outrageous gas prices . . .

    • Wow joey I think You are completely off point. No one said we were not happy to be in America. And as you say we live in america so doesnt that afford us the right of freedom of speach? The point is the economy is in a decline and you can trace it to Bush and the other officials in office. Many companies are sending work over seas to increase their profits and puting americans out of work, which is counter productive in my opinion, because those out of work cannot afford the produyct that these same companies now sell. There has just been a negative turn of events that has sent us to this state where the Fed is cutting rates left and right to stave off a recesion and oil companies are turning record profits. The voice of the average Joe is hidden in the termoil of an economy that is built for corperate profits. That used to be ok because of the trickle effect, but now the trickle is going to some guy in india working for peanuts.And as far as doing something to better yourself, well I guess my graduate degree and those 7 years in college were worthless. How do I think I will survive, well I am adapting to a global economy and taking advantage of the fall of the US Dollar. i do design work for european clients now and they pay less out of their pocket because the exchange rate is in their advantage.

      • Mack

        Hollywood, I disagree with most everything you have said, but I do agree that you have the right to feel the way you do, so I leave your comments here. Sounds like life has kicked you in the teeth lately. I am sorry about that. I think if you were to step back and get away from the liberal media (yes NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, all very biased) you would hear some truth; and I didn’t mention NPR(the most liberal state sponsored propaganda on the airwaves) — Bush is not the enemy.

    • Matt

      I think every one has a valid point to an extent. Yes Mack the new is just propaganda fueled by bias oppinions and selective coverage, And yes the Oil Companies are making record profits as well as making a surplus and still jacking the price threw the roof. But no Bush is the enemy. He threw us into a War Which was initialy started as a koo of the iraqi goverment , supposedly because they had WMD’s which we never found. Unfortunatly my views on the war are unimportant but what is , is the fact that the cost of living and the wages paid just dont match up. Unless you work more then one job it will eventualy catch up to you and bankrupt you as well. Wages are low and offset by overseas cheap labor, as well employee benefits are poor. If i was to injure myself and didn’t have insurance theres no way ill be able to live a comfortable life still repaying a debt to a medical center. Its small things that are out of our control that add up and thrust our lives in unwanted directions. Yes you make your life into what you want but , some times unexpected things come along. The whole point is , things were pretty well befor bush and this ludacris war. Unfortunatly id give our country a decade at most befor a serious depression sets in and things become realy bad, if something is not done immediatly to correct out goverment spending and our labor problems.

      Iraq is the new Vietnam, but no one is standing up against it . We are being bullied by our government and no one is standing up. We as a people need to Stand up togeather to make a change.

      And just remember , the revolutionary war which created our country was fought over a fraction of a cent tax on Tea. How many taxes do you pay annualy.

      • Mack

        I don’t agree with you to the extent that we are always the ones in the world who must go and fight. Our leadership in the world keeps the world as stable as it is.
        We have to keep doing it. If there is a dictator anywhere in the world invading another country, for instance, The USA will be there fighting them. This war is not wrong. I am sure parts of it are wrong, but of course we will make mistakes..

    • Matt

      So your suggesting that our trillion dollar a year war which cannot be sustained is completely justified because we are the for runners of the leadership. I find that had to believe being that out economy is failing. Were having trouble running our own country and you think we should run others, I think that is flawed logic.

      We shouldn’t be bullying other countries just because they have threatening technology or have different political policys and views. The UN is for policing the world. The UN should ask for our help , not us declaring war and asking for the UN to back us up.

      I find it funny that people want the US to solve the worlds problems but yet we still have an extrodinarily high rate of unemployment, Impovrished people, homeless , high crime rates , and a economic crisis. . . . BUT mack says we should fight ” THEM “.

      Sorry mack I just don’t see any justification of a large scale war that bankrupts are economy and threatens the lively hood of Americans. To me that is not a trade off I believe is justified. Its the poor cognitive thought of not looking at the big picture and reprocutions that will lead our country into its collapse.

    • Again, Matt, you have a right to your opinion. Your opinion is wrong though. I would say you and I have very opposite opinions on most things, just by reading your comment. You won’t be changing my beliefs, and I doubt I could change yours. They are just beliefs, not facts. You talk very globally and sound as if you have the facts, but it is really that you “believe” you have the facts. I believe you don’t.
      The liberal media, journalists, college professors, etc have indoctrinated our youth for years and continue to do so. I am not a fan of NPR, BBC, MSNBC and don’t listen to the UN.

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