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Used Car Buying Guide – Step Six

This is the final part, really, of getting the car on the road. We covered need, affordability, search, research, negotiation(and actual buying), and now licensing the car.

Before we get into this, I need to go back a little to where we actually bought the car in step five. I really should have mentioned that we need to get a bill of sale at that meeting and we need to get the title. The Wise Geek has a blog that has some good info on titles and what a “bill of sale” is. See his website here. Depending on your state’s laws, you may need a bill of sale to help them decide how much “sales tax” you have to pay. Some places also require you to have this notarized as well. Each state is different. Here is a great website that will be very useful in finding out what your state laws are. You really should go here , before the negotiation, just so you know what you need in terms of paperwork.

Many states also have some sort of safety inspections that have to be done. My state has this inspection only once and that’s when you buy the car. Other states have a similar inspection either yearly, or even every six months. I think it is mostly a tax to be honest, but that’s my opinion. Anyway, you may need to get the car inspected before you can get proper registration papers and tags. If you do, think about this when you are looking for the car. This may be brought into the negotiation. ;) After you have all your paperwork, and you go to the DMV ( Division of Motor Vehicles), you will pay your taxes and get your tags. This part is not hard, so don’t let a “dealer” convince you that you need to buy a used car from them so they can do this part. You can do it.

PICT0015Your insurance company will want to know all about this new car as well, so be sure to call them before you go to the DMV. Usually, you will have to sign something saying the car you just bought has been added to your insurance policy.

Next we will talk about some routine maintenance you will want to do on your car. Nothing real difficult, but you can save a bunch of money if you can put brake pads on your car, for example.

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  • Jon

    I have been enjoying your posts about how to buy a used car. You have some useful “hints”.. I really hate the negotiation part of the process. I hope to do it better next time. Thanks again for a good post.

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