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Win an Iphone! You Know You Want One!

image  I came across this contest tonight and thought I would spread the word.  I think Iphones are cool.  I am married to Verizon though , so I haven’t had too much to do with Iphones. Anyway, you can run over to Lara Saad’s Blog and see what it is all about.  As always, my policy on these things is as follows: I will share 50/50 whatever I win with the lucky random person that I pick from the comments on this page to this particular post ( If I win of course).  So just leave me a comment and significantly increase your odds of winning.  If you also put a link on your site to mine, I will put you in for 10 entries instead of one in my 50/50% spin-off contest.   So there, Get an Iphone free. ( or share one with me, don’t worry, we’ll figure out how to cut it down the middle) ;).

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